The DIY headband

Last night, I spent some time rummaging through old clothing—you know, the clothes that you have had since middle school but haven’t looked at since eighth grade—to see if there was anything I could donate to Goodwill. I kept finding things with patterns or materials that I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of, so I thought I would find a way to change the clothing and be able to keep it. I’m subscribed to a ton of DIY (Do It Yourself) vlogs on Youtube and I remembered one vlog that showed you how to make headbands.

Headbands are probably the simplest reconstruction pieces I have ever done. Start off by finding a piece of clothing that you will not want to wear after this—it can be a shirt, tank-top, skirt or dress.

Follow these directions carefully, it’s an easy construction… as long as you pay attention:

1. Cut (vertically) along the side seam of the item—if you can’t find the seam, pull the item inside out, lay it flat on a table and you should be able to find a bunch of fabric where the two pieces were sewn together—that is the seam. Some clothing items only have one seam, so you might have to search a bit. MAKE SURE YOU ONLY CUT ONE SEAM on one side. IF YOU CUT BOTH, YOU WILL NOT HAVE STRIPS LONG ENOUGH TO BE A HEADBAND.

2. After you have cut the entire seam, decide how wide you want the headband to be. I like to cut multiple strips of different widths out of each item so that I can wear them individually or braid them.

3. Mark the widths you want with a ruler as horizontal lines on the item—unless you want janky-looking headbands.

4. You can use scissors to cut the strips, but I prefer using a box cutter against a ruler —the lines generally stay straighter that way.

Finished! You can take the strips and mix and match different patterns, braid them, and add flowers or embellishments. These headbands are certainly some of my favorite new accessories.