Christopher Stagl finds golden ticket

During DECA week,  the marketing teachers hid DECA diamonds and one golden ticket through out the school. Each diamond was hid in different places. Some played by the rules and searched the school, while others cheated and friends told friends where they were hidden.

“I got really mad when I found out that all the diamonds where already found in my third hour,” said junior Alyson Straub. “Some girls in my class found some because they were out in the hall when they started putting them up, it was not fair.”

If someone found a DECA diamond you would get a prize that correlated to the type of diamond you got. The prizes included gas cards, Chick-fil-A coupons, pens, pencils and a free cookie coupon for a day. The one and only golden ticket was found by junior Christopher Stagl. Finding the golden ticket means you get one of the DECA cookie packets everyday for the rest of the school year.

“I couldn’t believe that I found the golden ticket, I was speechless and filled with joy,” said Stagl. “Getting that ticket really made my day, but I did feel like someone was going to try to take it from me.”