Injuries strike the cheerleaders

On Friday Oct. 21, senior Alyssa Fuqua and sophomore Madison Viola were injured during their performance at the varsity football game. The two cheerleaders received concussions as a result from the high-impacted routine. Both girls got the medical attention necessary for proper healing although their injuries were not too serious.

“I was doing a round off backhand spring when I hit a wet patch of grass and ended up falling out of it,” said Viola. “I went to the trainer on Monday, and until I pass the impact test, I’m not allowed to cheer.”

Fuqua has also been encouraged by her doctor to exclude herself from cheer practices and performances until they feel she is completely healed. Fuqua admits that although she is disappointed about not being able to participate, she understands that it is all apart of the risks she takes in order to call herself a cheerleader.

“Things happen in cheer, and unfortunately, one of those things are concussions,” said Fuqua. “You can’t control it but you can prevent it from messing up your game.”