Unraveling Sanity

I was sitting in my car a day or two ago listening to the radio. I do this rarely, because I spend more time switching through channels than I do actually listening to one station, due to poor choice in music, overplayed songs or an overflow of commercials.

Anyway, this song by Weezer came on. Of course, this band is known for being goofy. However, the song that was playing encased a deep subject in a seemingly silly one. The song is titled “The Sweater Song,” off of their 1994 album, Weezer (The Blue Album). I thought it was kind of funny though, that this song took such a long time to become popular.

“If you want to destroy my sweater…Woah-ah-woah-ah-woah.

Hold this thread as I walk away… As I walk away.

Watch me unravel, I’ll soon be naked.

Lying on the floor, lying on the floor

I’ve come undone.”

Here, he is saying that he is slowly unraveling, his sanity becoming a pile of thread on the floor. Notice how he makes it climb to a personal level by saying “watch me unravel… I’ve come undone,” instead of talking about his sweater undoing itself.

“I don’t want to destroy your tanktop.”

Since he is already on the brink of insanity, he hopes that by keeping to himself, and walking away, he will not drive anyone else over the edge.