Varsity soccer moves on to districts

The varsity boys soccer team is buzzing with excitement following their 2-0 shutout victory over Zumwalt East Tuesday. Seniors Ryan Miller and Tyler Keane scored goals moving the Spartans into the district championship game against Zumwalt South on Thursday November third.

The Spartans are 16-7-3 for the year, and are currently ranked as the thirteenth best soccer program in the state.

According to senior Matt Martindale, the team is capable of doing big things if they can get past it’s second straight Zumwalt opponent.

“If we win tomorrow, you should be looking for us in the final four. We have what it takes to be one of the great teams this year,” Martindale said.

Getting to this point has been a total team effort, but the performance of one specific player is paying huge dividends in the playoffs.

“Everyone on the team is stepping up. It’s a good team effort, but our goalie [senior] Kevin Dougherty is a stud. He saves us so many times so he’s a huge impact,“ said Martindale.