Bittersweet experience for five varsity cheerleaders

On Friday Oct. 28, five of the varsity cheerleaders were recognized during the team’s Senior Night at the varsity football game. Of the five seniors, Lisa Hurtt explains that a lot of work went behind it all to make it possible, but also that it was an unforgettable experience for her as well as her teammates.

“It was nice getting to have the spotlight as a senior,” Hurtt said. “On top of that, all of our halftime stunts hit and nobody was injured so we had a lot of fun.”

The cheerleaders were honored by getting to walk before the game with their parents as well as have their name announced over the loud speaker. Gifts and flowers were also given to the five seniors as a thank you for their hard work. Although Hurtt admits it was an overall great night, she also explains that there was a lot of sadness behind the event as well.

“The extra attention being put on us as seniors was an exciting experience but it’s also sad knowing football season is over,” said Hurtt. “It was definitely bittersweet.”