The winter boot

Now that Halloween is over, it is officially time to break out winter clothing … which also means it is now my least favorite time of year. I hate having to wear layers upon layers of clothing to go outside, but I guess if I have to, I want to do it fashionably. Boots are probably the simplest, but most fashionable, way to make an outfit warm. I love that they can be worn with skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, whatever — just please, do not wear them with shorts.

The UGG boot: UGG boots are probably the most popular kind of boot because they are extremely expensive … yes, I do believe the only reason they are so popular is because they are just expensive and celebrities wear them. Sure, they are warm; but they are also fat, chunky and make even the smallest feet look huge. So, unless there is snow on the ground, I wouldn’t suggest these boots to anyone.

The ankle boot: The most useless of all boots, the ankle boot is not made for snow weather at all. Yes, they are so cute and little but they will not keep out cold or snow. Buy these boots for style, but not because it’s winter and you need some boots to wear.

The suede boot: I actually own a pair of these and they are probably my favorite winter boot. Unless you specifically buy a suede ankle boot, most suede boots come to at least the mid-calf — so they are great for tucking jeans into and keeping the cold out! A suede boot’s only downfall is the discoloration if it gets wet — there are many sold at shoe stores to get the original color back, but it can be quite the hassle.

The rain boot: Can I just start by saying that rain boots are NOT meant to be worn on a day-to-day basis? They really, really are not. Yes, they are super cute with all the patterns and colors … but they are rain boots for a reason. I have a pair of black, polka dot rain boots; if I have to wear them to school, I bring an extra pair of shoes to throw on once I’m in the building — no one wants to hear my boots squeaking all day.

The leather boot: I don’t necessarily mean a genuine leather boot … but a boot that is supposed to look like a leather boot. Although I don’t own any leather boots (other than a couple ankle boots), I wish I did. These are the best boots to pair with a dress, pants, whatever. They can really add a vintage rocker look to most anything you wear — I love how versatile they are. Please, please … do not pair these with leather pants or a leather jacket … there is a fine line between rocker and biker.

The army boot: Every store seems to be coming out with some army inspired clothing right now — especially boots. They come in all heights, all colors — they are probably the most popular “hipster” boot. Army boots, though, can be hard to style for every day wear. They really demand a pulled together outfit, never just jeans and a t-shirt. So, if you don’t want to take the time to get dressed in the morning … these are not the boots for you.