Narcissistic Vegetable

I’ve already done an analysis on Five Finger Death Punch’s songs talking about America selling out. This time, I’m going to talk about how one of my favorite bands is selling out, and I’m not happy about it. This band went through all kinds of hell, and have many interesting stories about how they became who they are, even after losing one of their founding members. Though I really shouldn’t be hating on their new sound, simply because they can do what they want with their music. Hell, it’s their band. But I feel like the direction they’re taking isn’t so representative of who they are – Korn.

“I want to trail-blaze. I want to change things. I want to do things we’re not supposed to do. I want to create art that’s different and not conform to what’s going on. We didn’t make a dubstep album. We made a Korn album.” That’s what he said. Johnathan Davis, lead singer of Korn, said he doesn’t want to conform, and that the album they created isn’t dubstep. It’s a brand new style of Korn. I disagree. Dubstep, which I personally despise, is already a genre. Currently the of the most overrated and popular genres, at that. Tell me that Korn hasn’t sold out.


“And you’re so cynical, Narcissistic Cannibal

Got to bring myself back from the dead


Sometimes, I hate, the life I made

Everything’s wrong every time

Pushing on I can’t escape

Everything that comes my way

Is haunting me taking its sweet time.”


This song will be on their new album, The Path of Totality, said to be released on December 6, 2011. The song is titled Narcissistic Cannibal. I chose these lyrics because they’d be really freaking awesome, if they weren’t surrounded by the bass drops and odd sounds of dubstep. That’s about it though. Besides that I’d say, yeah, you should hate your life because your new music sucks. But I’m totally just kidding.

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