Street named to memorialize Central alumnus

As students pass the new sign titled “Heroes Way” on Highway N, a flood of emotions come to them. They remember Phillip Vinnedge, a student at Central, who died fighting for our country, and think about his legacy.

The street is located on Highway N between Mid Rivers Mall Drive and Saint Joseph’s Parish. The Vinnedge family worked with the state of Missouri to have this part of the street renamed to Heroes Way.

“The Vinnedge family has worked hard to make sure that Phillip’s name hasn’t died in vain,” said Principal Sonny Arnel.

Although Central was not involved in this process, students and staff will still be affected by the street name.

“It inspires us to live our lives the best we can,” said Dr. Arnel.

In the time of this terrible loss, students can use Vinnedge as a role model to look up to. According to Dr. Arnel, Vinnedge was a tremendous Spartan and a great student.

“He was convicted to living life the right way,” said Dr. Arnel. “His life is an example of how we should live.”

When Vinnedge was killed in 2010, it brought reality down hard on Central’s students. His death was brought on by a roadside bomb that hit his truck while he was serving in the line of duty in Afghanistan. This event showed students just how real war is and what happens in the real world.

“High school is a wonderful time in your life and you want great memories,” said Dr. Arnel.

Although this is not a great memory, students can honor Vinnedge by carrying on his legacy and remembering him on Heroes Way. According to Dr. Arnel, helping memorialize this street is the least the school can do.