Junior Class considers changing food for prom.

At previous proms, the chicken has not been a big hit among students.To make the dinner more enjoyable for everyone, the junior class has been considering the possibility of changing the food for this year’s prom.

“The side dishes are not the issue. It is the main course that has the problems,” junior class treasurer Anna Killpack said.

Students often ask why the junior class does not simply switch the entrée. Due to the school’s contract with the St. Charles Convention Center, the school must use them as caterers. The junior class representatives have three choices to chose from when it comes to meat for the edance: chicken, steak and fish.

“Well, we [didn’t] choose the fish because many people [would rather] have the chicken or the steak,” junior class sponsor Trisha Morrow said.

There is an apparent problem with the chicken not being favored by students, and the steak is too expensive. Despite this, the club is eager to find a solution to the problem.

“We are thinking about messing with the budget to try and get steak as the main meat without raising prices,” Killpack said.

The junior class is going to meet within a week or two to go over, work and discuss its food possibilities.