Struggling to keep up

It’s the end of the first week, and I am not proud to say that NaNo has eaten my soul. How, you ask? Well, it’s actually simple once you get right down to it:

I was one-hundred words ahead the first day. Things happened and once again Real Life was as full of fail as always, and I got briefly distracted by Family Matters which led me to forgo writing for day two and instead watch Sherlock.

Thus, I was 1662 words behind. Fast forward to day three, and I’m supposed to be hitting 5,000, but once again writing falls by the wayside as Real Life sticks its ugly little head in; thus, I am so very behind.

This led me to type 4,000 words on day four, and guess what, I’m still not all the way caught up. Later that day I’m off to Chicago for a weekend trip with absolutely no computer access, and I get…oh, three thousand more words behind.

So Sunday and Monday have been spent with me playing catch-up, typing furiously, and, surprise surprise, running out of steam with my plot. The story is suddenly boring and if I don’t bring in more characters and fast the whole thing will collapse into a big wheezing mess. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the essential problem with writing a story about animals. The story can get boring fast without dialogue, and so this is turning out to be one of the most challenging stories I’ve written yet.