The hermit life is calling me

As I’m typing this I’m nearly shaking with anger. When I feel like this I want to just leave. Leave school, not worrying about the consequences, and just drive. Drive until I run out of gas or can barely keep my eyes open. Just drive until I can’t drive anymore and throw my cell phone into a well, and just go. Times like these, I really want to just get away from everyone. I want to drop off the face of the Earth for a few weeks. Maybe then I could actually breath.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m so angry. What could have possibly happened that would make me want to abandon all of my responsibilities and just take off. Well, the sad truth is that there isn’t a reason. Sometimes I just start to become uneasy with the way my life is.

I think I just need some alone time. I am not afraid to admit that I’m the type of person that needs time to be alone and I need a decent amount of it.

Even if I’m just sitting around doing nothing I still need to be alone while doing it.

When people are with me I’m not comfortable in my own skin. Other folks’ prying eyes keep me from being able to fully relax and I think the tension just builds and builds until I reach my breaking point.

And when I snap it’s not pretty.

When I start to crave alone time I start to get mean. I turn into a jerk, a fire breathing dragon destroying everything in my path. I realize this. But, when I’m feeling this way I don’t care. I just want everyone to leave me alone. I just want to curl up on my bed, turn off my phone and get away from the rest of the human race.

Sometimes I seriously consider becoming a hermit — at least then I wouldn’t feel so blah.

At least then I wouldn’t hurt the people around me as they desperately try to cling onto me, despite my efforts to shove them in the other direction.