Youth in Government students come home with top awards


Youth in Government (YIG)’s sixty-third annual convention in Jefferson City took place Nov. 10-12. Many of Central’s 30 Youth in Government students were honored with top awards.

According to the article, “Francis Howell Central Youth in Government students win top awards”, of the 450 participating students around the state, 13 Central students filled top leadership positions and/or received top awards.

“There were a lot of talented reporters going for the same awards,” said junior Kyle Pyatt.

Pyatt received the “Best Technical News Story” award with his news crew for their video “Trip to the Top.” In addition, Pyatt won the individual award of “Best on Camera Performance.”

“It was a big honor because only one [of this award] is given out a year, and it’s special because I was the only one from the FHC delegation to win an individual award,” said Pyatt.

Along with these awards, freshman Lauren Nosal, freshmen team of Erin Rowland and Kara Hubecky and novice team of sophomore Danielle Mullins and freshman Paige Hofmeister won awards in the legislative branch. Seniors Nicholle Turano, Jolie Denton and Matt Lundberg won top leadership positions in the convention.

The convention consisted of three days of fun, learning and hard work according to the article. According to Pyatt, the convention has improved a lot since last year because more interested people attending made it more fun and beneficial.