International Club raises $2,300 for two families

The world language department raised about $2,300 from the donations given by students and teachers during the week they collected spare change according to club sponsor Mrs. Katie Lozano. The club planned to use all of the money raised during the week of Nov. 14-22 from the Magic Change Buckets during the shopping trip for Adopt-A-Family.

“I love seeing how generous students are. It’s really great to see what students will donate,” Mrs. Lozano said. “The teachers and their classmates won’t judge them on whether or not they donated.”

Each teacher in the foreign language department had their own Magic Change Bucket to raise money with. It was a competition between teacher’s to raise money; whichever teacher raised the most money was to receive the new Golden Trophy of Giving and a cookie party. This year, Mrs. Ashley Wager’s classes won.

“My classes raised about $835 in a week for Adopt-A-Family,” Mrs. Wager said. “I had my individual classes competing against each other. I think our students donate more because they know the families won’t get anything without their help.”

After spending weeks of collecting, cutting and sorting coupons and raising money through donations, International Club was prepared for the day it had been waiting for: shopping day for Adopt-A-Family.

On Nov. 30, with two long lists in hand, International Club was ready to shop. Whether it was diapers, children’s toys, board games or hygiene products, the club more than likely had a coupon for it, which allowed them to stretch its funds and purchase even more for the families, according to Mrs. Lozano.

After buying 35 personal gifts the families requested, the club spent $534.82 for the two families just at Target. Though all of the requested gifts are purchased, the rest of the money donated will be used to purchase household items, hygiene products and nonperishable foods. The club will be spending the next week wrapping presents for the families. Anyone is welcomed to come and help out, according to Mrs. Lozano.

Historian, senior Mollie Lager went on the shopping trip. She participated because she feels it is a good cause.

“It was really fun going shopping because my group had to shop for a little kid and a baby,” Lager said. “I think it’s really cool that we got so much money just in a week.”

Other than the items the club purchased, Mrs. Lozano also has been doing some shopping on her own. This past weekend she bought $900 worth of items for only $200 for the families. The items she bought ranged from 48 tubes of deodorant to 12 tubes of toothpaste to 27 cans of soup and more.