StuCo success

A summary of the fun-filled week of events.


Homecoming week 2015 turned out to be a huge triumph. Between the spirit days, powderpuff and Homecoming games, parade, pep assembly and dance, the week was busy and fun for all. With each day being a different “competition” spirit day, several nerds & jocks, dresses & suits, and Disney & Marvel characters (as well as D.C apparently) roamed the halls. Concluding the week, the student body showed their “Spartan pride” by wearing predominantly blue and silver in honor of school spirit day.  Next, all of FHC’s wonderful clubs marched in the Homecoming parade, which was lead by very eager freshman, Caitlyn Swaringim, who volunteered at a student council meeting to take on the job.

“I think it went pretty well, everyone was happy afterwards,” Swaringim says. “I designed the float that we built for StuCo, then called and invited the fire department and police department I also worked on the line up and helped people get where they were supposed to be and then directed them out.” Caitlyn also made sure that the Corvettes were able to make an appearance to escort our lovely Homecoming court.

StuCo also put together the gym for the dance itself. Senior, Sydney Lechner, says a lot of this week for student council is revolved around getting ready for everything, “Decorations, float themes, setting up, tearing down, all that good stuff.” The student council worked very hard on the theme this year, putting together a photo booth with various articles of goofy clothes to wear for the pictures, a place for others to get Henna, and in the cafeteria there were delicious snow cones. As for the process of setting up for the occasion, senior, TJ Buchanan explains it as “the officers, along with some others we brought up, were in charge of their own area. I was in charge of the hallway that’s in front of the gym. We finished everything by midnight when we started right after school that Friday.”