Administration sets sight on finals

The school administration’s one focus is final exams and doing all they can do to help students prepare. They are making sure that all of the curriculum if finished so that students can do their best during finals on Dec. 19-21.

“We want to make sure that the students to their best for the exams,” said Principal Sonny Arnel. “We want the students to show what they have learned over this passed semester and to be able to apply it to succeed.”

During finals, the weight room will be closed so students will go home and be more focused on finals. Winter sport athletes, who have to balance practice and studying for finals, are known to actually do well on finals, even a little better, according to Dr. Arnel.

“This is because they have to be at school in order to go to practice that day, along with having to do well in class to be able to compete,” said Dr. Arnel. “The structure they have at practice gives them support to do well in the sport, but also in the classroom.”