The Escape

Sometimes, I get so frustrated because even with the vast amount of music that I have on my Zune (yeah, that’s right), I never seem to have enough. It’s pretty irritating. So, recently, a friend of mine gave me a butt load of new tunes. I am pretty happy about it. I like his taste in music, for the most part. He finds very interesting bands. For example, the other day he showed me this band that fit under the genre “folk metal,” with a vocalist who could have fit in with the sound of the 80s. And you know what? It actually sounded pretty awesome.

Any who, I chose a small section of lyrics from one of the bands he showed me. It’s nothing too crazy, but they’re good, in my opinion. They have this odd softness about them, but every once in awhile you’ll hear them rock out. The band’s name is Emery, and I chose the song “The Weakest” off of their 2005 album, The Question.


“Let’s leave this place and say that we escaped

We’ll say that there’s no difference between right and wrong tonight

We’ll leave no trace of plans that we have made

So they can’t find us and take what is ours.”


I just really liked this song because it represents what a lot of people, including me, feel like doing a lot. Especially lately. It’d be absolutely great if for just one night, you could just run away from all the weight upon your shoulders and forget. Really, just completely forget about it, and carry a smile on your face. A real smile. You could push away your morals and beliefs so that you could live however the hell you wanted to. And “we’ll leave no trace,” so that no one will ever know about the little world you lived in for that night.