Senior Sensations share sentiments

For the seniors on the Sensations dance team, the competition at Lindbergh High School on Saturday was not about placing first; it was about dancing with their teammates in that competition for the last time.

It was about the nerves they had as they walked onto their stage together as a team. It was about perfecting every move, from their hands to their toes, in perfect synchronization. It was about the bittersweet moment as they danced their final dances at the competition. It was about senior Calli Fletcher and her longtime goal of beating Francis Howell with their jazz routine.

“I knew we had a chance to beat Howell if we worked hard,” Fletcher said. “I wasn’t nervous; I was confident and excited.”

It was about senior Sydne Glenn competing in a serious competition for the first time as a varsity dancer.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh; I am so nervous for this, but I have my teammates here supporting me, and we are ready. We are so ready,’” Glenn said.

It was about senior Danielle Grieve’s last chance to perform at Lindbergh.

“I’ve danced at Lindberg for years now, and this was the last time I will have danced in it,” Grieve said. “It makes it harder to give it all up.”

It was about senior Hannah Greco’s first time as a captain, wanting to bring her team to victory.

“Being the captain, I didn’t want to let my team down,” Greco said. “You have to tell yourself you have this; we have this.”

It was about senior Amber Rumbolo bonding with the team.

“We get close to everyone on the team at the competition,” Rumbolo said. “It’s bittersweet because the year is already half over.”

It was about the excitement that raced through the girls’ hearts when they found out they placed first in hip hop and second in jazz. It was the heartbreak they felt when Howell was the school that placed first in Jazz. It was about the celebration the girls had as a team for a job well done. It was knowing their hard work paid off. It was about forgetting all the complaints about the early morning practices. It was about getting lost in the moment of a win.