Students react to Albert Pujols’ departure

Three time National League MVP Albert Pujols has officially announced his departure from St. Louis after getting offered a ten year contract for 260 million dollars from the Los Angeles Angels. Being a huge star in baseball, emotions were running high for students and faculty the morning the news was released.

“I am upset that he traded his home team that he’d been at for 10 years. He’s naturally a Cardinal and he’ll regret it,” freshman Kelsey Schwenck said.

“I think it’s dumb because he’s been here for so long, he’s leaving so many fans behind and I feel like fans go to the game not just for the game but for the players that they know and love,” senior Jessica Besancenez said.

“I don’t feel sorry for the Cardinals fans. Let’s just say, it’s going to be hard to put an Angels hat on his statue,” Mr. Patrick Reed said.

“I’m so glad he’s leaving, we’re going to be better off without him because now we can get two good players for the what we would’ve paid him,” junior Blake Wellinghoff said.

“It’s sad because everyone loves him but we can get two better players now. We still have David Freese, so I’m happy,” junior Madeline Reichmuth said.

“He’s going to fade away in the next few years and not be as good. I mean, I kind of cared when he left, but I wasn’t too worried about the Cardinals. He didn’t do much last year,” junior Brendan Hiatt said.

“Honestly, I think the Cardinals will lose fans now. I’m not as big of a fan anymore because I love Pujols,” junior Chelsea Schniepp said.

“You hate to see a good ball player go, but in the long run I think the Cardinals will be better off. At age 35, he’s going to start to decline these next few years.This way we won’t lose money, we’ll have more for new players. Money that would have been spent on a 10 year contract with Pujols, which is unrealistic. I didn’t believe they should sign him. It’ll be a better move to take that money and invest in things like the ball club,” Mr. Brian Ricker said.

“He used to be a good player and now he thinks he’s on top of the world and can get all the money he wants. He’s making it seem like a job, and forgetting all about his great fans and love for the game,” senior Brett Hill said.

“I was pissed, but it’s whatever. He can do what he wants, and we’ll be fine without him. We’ll continue to be a good team, obviously,” senior Alex Enloe said.