Fay takes education into own hands

To some teachers, teaching is seen as a profession. To English teacher Laurie Fay, teaching is more about teaching the students what they need to succeed.

“I am able to show my students that I have dedication to make their education better by also improving mine,” Ms. Fay said.

By receiving her National Board of Professional Teaching Certification, Ms. Fay feels as though she can better understand her students to educate them more efficiently.

“No student is a cookie cutter mold,” Ms. Fay said. “The time constraints of the year make it difficult to teach them all thoroughly. I’ve improved that problem with one-on-one time.”

Although school ends at 2:20 p.m., Ms. Fay dedicates her after school time to students who need a little extra help. This help is not mandatory due to Ms. Fay’s teaching strategies.

“I put the responsibility into the students’ hands because I believe they become better students when they are responsible for their own learning,” Ms. Fay said.

Also applying to that belief is Ms. Fay taking her education into her own hands. By going through the long, time consuming process of getting her National Board Certification, which includes an in-depth portfolio, addressing reading, writing, the facilitator role and collaboration; weekends spent on work and a six question essay test, Ms. Fay believes she can better relate to her students.

“There are quite a few parallels between the AP test and the test I took,” Ms. Fay said. “I think teachers should have a greater understanding for the stress and intensity these kids go through.”

So, instead of watching her students learn and progress, Ms. Fay progressed with them. She took what she thinks are the necessary steps to growing as a teacher and benefiting her students for the long run.