Pre season tournaments for both JV and Varsity

JV Girls Basketball have their first pre season tournament games of the season.

On Nov. 30 the JV team had their first pre-season tournament game, against Fort Zumwalt South with a resulting score of 40-19, Spartans taking the loss. Sophomore Kalei Kambak, feels she played adequately, but had some mistakes, and believes there is room for improvement.

“I will never fully be satisfied with how I play because I know there’s always things I can improve on, but for tonight being our first time on the court under so much pressure I thought I handled myself pretty well,” said Kambak.

As far as hopes for further games in the season sophomore Aleuria Alderson, and sophomore Reagan Wilson hope to see more connections, whether it be connections within themselves or connections as a team, of the rest of the season.

“I think as a team [we can work on] connecting with each other like working together better and relaxing, we were really nervous,” said Wilson.

“My hopes for the season is I hope to play with my team and feel a connection on the court with every play,” said Alderson.

Head JV coach, Mr. Eddie Mulholland,says that the team worked hard and played well overall, just had lapses where they made mistakes.

“We started off great with a 11-8 lead in the first quarter. Gave up too many easy baskets in the second quarter to go down 25-16. Then just really struggled to score and forced shots,” said Mr. Mulholland.

Overall the JV team and coach Mo are pleased with how they played, but is also looking to continue improving for further games.

“[Moving forward ] one of our big focuses is we want to continue to work on being more efficient on the offense side of the ball…Our goal is take it 1 day at a time and continue to get better,” said coach.

One Dec. 1 the Varsity team had their first pre-season tournament game, against North Tech, with a final score of 44-32, the Spartans taking home the win. Sophomore Makenzie Schierding, feels that she, along with her team played pretty well.

“I would say I did pretty good, no where near perfect or anything, [and] the team as a whole I think did very well,” said Schierding.  
Schierding said they brought a lot of energy to their first game and worked together very well, and this helped them bring home a win. In hopes to continue with success for future games Schierding and the team has strategies in mind.

“I think to improve for further games, we will definitely just get back into the gym and keep working,” said Schierding. “Keep coming to practice everyday with a high intensity and just being ready to work”.

Looking even further into the season Schierding shares with us the team’s goal and mindset to play greatly this year.

“[We will] come in with a mentality that we are preparing for a championship…the team as a whole [is] just looking to get a district title…and continue to get better, not just as individuals but as a team too,” said Schierding.