Washing mouths out with SOPA

In the past week, my life has been bombarded with SOPA-related fallout. SOPA tweets. SOPA protests. SOPA angst. Sopapillas. PIPA vs SOPA (and visa versa.)

All in all, “what we’ve got here” is a regular SOPA-opera.

Coming from a background in the arts, I’ve got my fair share of friends who, one day, hope to be musicians. Now, whether they make it or not has no bearing, but for the time being, the bulk of my friends base their musical prowess on covers of other artists. A few of them also share their individual takes of songs on sites such as YouTube to promote their skills.

However, if SOPA is passed, the very sites they are promoting themselves on could be taken down, severely hurting their chances of being discovered. Covers themselves could cease to exist as such an integral part of the jumping off point for many musicians.

At this point, who knows how far (or how little) the reach of the SOPA or PIPA legislation could reach into the lives of everyday Americans. Hopefully push will not come to shove, but once again, who knows?

How I would get along without Kina Grannis covers, or Justin Bieber freestyle rapping over ‘Otis’? Where would I be without the countless remixes composed by freelance DJ’s? Lord knows. That’s who.It’s all a waiting game and we’ll be left to hash it all out whenever the supposed legislation comes to fruition.

All I know, is that in the meantime, I’m going to be spending my open weeknights relaxing at coffee houses taking in the soothing musical ambiance of local talent covering national talent. I suggest you do too. Just in case.

If you would like to strike up a fire conversation about the subject, you can contact me at my new email, [email protected] (professional, right?)