The fake glasses

Our generation has become entirely fake. Fake tans, fake hair — but the worst of all might be fake glasses. Being someone who actually needs glasses, I am completely turned off by people wearing fake glasses. I understand that it’s totally “hipster” to wear glasses that you don’t need — or even to pop the lenses out of those cheap 3-D glasses from the movie theatre and wear them around — but this “hipster” trend is stupid.

I guess I just don’t understand why. Seriously, why? Why is it cool to wear glasses that are as big as your face when you don’t need them? I know, I know. I have big glasses — but mine are prescription. I seriously cannot see without my glasses or contacts in, so I’m allowed to have huge glasses.

This may just be the little kid in me — who always wanted to avoid wearing glasses because I didn’t want to get made fun of — thinking that people shouldn’t want fake glasses. I just cannot comprehend why this is suddenly trendy.

If you’re going to have fake glasses, at least get fake glasses that look good. I mean stores like Hot Topic, which mass produce these awful glasses, don’t make the glasses to go with just any face shape. It’s hard to find a perfect fit when it comes to glasses — that’s why people who actually need glasses go through the trouble of finding a frame that matches not only their personality, but look good as well.

Maybe it’s not just the fact that the glasses are fake, but the fact that the people that wear them usually dress entirely out of character that day. A girl may be your typical jeans and a t-shirt, maybe even a North Face, girl on a daily basis; but then one day, she comes in wearing a floral dress bought at some thrift store, paired with a cardigan and vintage-style army boots. Usually, the people wearing fake glasses are being completely fake that day.

So, if you wear fake glasses on a daily basis, bravo for being consistent. But if you’re only going to wear them once a month, and that day is also going to be the only day you look somewhat “hipster,” please, just put the glasses back in the costumes box — because part of a costume is all they will ever be.