New semester brings few changes

Second semester comes with few changes to the policies to the school, but a big change is the new class schedules which involved many students’ schedules to completely change.

“I have gotten mixed feelings [about schedule changes]; some have enjoyed the new schedules, and some don’t,” said Dr. Sonny Arnel. “I believe that it helps social change and to make new friends. There should not be that much change because it should be the same teacher and same curriculum.”

But some students disagreed,

“I don’t like it because I got used to first semester and seeing people,” said Katy Gerler

Along with the the semester changes the school district is now doing online registration. Students had to go online to the parent portal and pick their classes but the students could not register for AP classes which frustrated students.

“I think it is good that we are using less paper,” said junior Kristen Warncke. “But it’s annoying because no one knows how to use it and you can’t sign up for AP classes.”

The school administration is still doing much of the same. They are continuing to support teachers and staff to help them in the classroom along with students so they are getting help to achieve success in the classroom.