The crazy continues for guidance

Counselors have loads of people coming in with questions about the new online registration program. On top of that confusion, counselors are also having to go through lists of students and their schedules to make sure they are in the classes they are supposed to be in.

“We are making sure requests are in,” said counselor Ms. Linda Johnson. “We’re sending for students who haven’t registered.”

According to Ms. Johnson, all counselors have a list of students that have not turned in their list of requested classes for the next year.

“I think it’s because it’s a new system. Students have had difficulty getting online, or just didn’t do it,” said Ms. Johnson.

Counselor Mrs. Michelle Breuer also has a lot on her plate.

“It’s crazy for me because I was gone yesterday,” said Mrs. Breuer. “I have a ridiculous amount of paper that I have to print off for registration.”

Mrs. Breuer has a list of her own students that she, like Ms. Johnson, has to work her way through.

“I have to make my way through a list of people and make sure they’re where they need to be. If someone signed up for honors, they should be in it,” said Mrs. Breuer. “If I’m not doing that, I’m doing flags.”

Mrs. Breuer types up, formats and laminates the pennants with student and college names on them.