True “Anarchy”

I’m not going to hide it. Like many other Say Anything fans out in the world, I have been blessed. Their highly anticipated 5th full length LP, “Anarchy, My Dear,” was leaked through the Internet a week ago today, when in all actuality, the release date was supposed to be March 13, 2012 — an eternity away.


What strikes me most about this album is the uncharacteristic mood of the album. Lead vocalist, Max Bemis, is a complicated sort of guy. By no means has he let his life pass him by, additionally, by no means has he had the easiest life. On each of the band’s previous albums Max Bemis was not in the best place when it came to his well-being. Regardless, the music was always phenomenal. After all, that’s how great artists are born, right?


However, Bemis is now in a much better mindset His life had definitely made a turn for the better in the past couple years; thus having an opposite effect on the immediate mood of the record as a whole

In any case, the delivery of “Anarchy, My Dear” is significantly more subdued than the previous tracks, traditionally filled with angst and a melancholy charm. Some songs are almost inspiring, ranging on the border of having an actual sense of uplifting joy. Oh how the tables have turned.


When you really get down to business on the album you find yourself in for quite a treat. From an objective viewpoint, ‘Say Anything’ has created a solid punk album with a strong viewpoint over the subverting of society and destroying the physical and mental boundaries society places on us. If you’re basing your opinion from the viewpoint of a long-time fan, the view looks a little different. The edge of the band is still there, but in a different way.


Like I’ve mentioned, the album’s mood is an about face from previous Say Anything albums such as their claim to fame record, “Is A Real Boy..”; and truthfully nothing will ever compare. Personally, my favorite track on the album is “Say Anything.” It fills the voids of the classic sarcastic ‘Say Anything’ song with seemingly drastic love confessions, and an unmatched catchy chorus.


Finally, for those fans who want to relish in the old sound of the band, “Admit It, Again” is the four minute extenuation of the seven minute “Admit It” off ‘Say Anything’s sophomore album “Is A Real Boy…” If you know anything about the original song, then a chance for Max Bemis to pick up right where he left off was a godsend for fans of all reaches. (Unless you are the “lecherous douche” he refers to at the beginning of the continuation — then you’re sol) Direct your questions comments and concerns to [email protected].