The leggings as pants trend

I’ve said before that I understand people wanting to be comfortable, and I understand that not everyone wants to take the time to get all spiffed up in the morning, but wearing leggings as pants is one thing I will never understand.

It’s not the fact that leggings are ugly — there is definitely a time, place and outfit where leggings are acceptable — but they never make someone’s body look good when you wear them as pants.

The problem? Leggings are worn too much. If you wake up everyday and throw leggings on, you should probably invest in some new clothing … or stop being so lazy. Yes, they are comfortable and quick, but sometimes you have to suck it up and put on a pair of actual pants.

The bigger problem? Leggings are too tight — even skinny jeans are looser than leggings. They give away every curve of your body … you might as well be naked. Pants have to flow away from the body at some point — even yoga pants flare.

The biggest problem? Leggings are almost always too sheer. Ladies, if I can see your underwear through your pants, we have a problem. I am not even going to explain why this is wrong — if you think this is okay, your fashion sense is a lost cause.

The solution? Wear leggings under a dress or skirt. When worn under a dress, tucked into some boots, leggings can look really cute. I know, I know, going from leggings and a hoodie every day to dresses is a big jump, but it’s one of the only ways leggings actually look attractive. If you’re still not willing to wear a dress, you can pair leggings with a loosely fitted shirt (that comes down to at least the top to middle of the butt) and even a cardigan or jacket. Remember, if you’re going to wear them with a shirt, buy a legging that you are sure is not see-through.

Special thanks to David for his idea to blog about leggings! If you have any trends you hate or love, Facebook, tweet at me (@yomargi) or e-mail me ([email protected]); your opinion could be my next topic.