Defeat by Howell

Vardity girls basketball loses to Howell on Tuesday December 15


On Tues Dec 15 girls varsity basketball played Howell, and lost with a score of 38-50. In regards to the season senior Emma Raup and sophomore Hannah Currant reflect on the game, Hannah’s injury, and hopes for the rest of the season.

Raup says that the team started out really flat, and they didn’t go out with energy. Therefore the team plans on improving on certain things.

“As a team we are planning on improving our energy because we all came out flat in the beginning [so] the energy is the big part,” said Raup. “Defense and offense just moving the ball around.”

In regards to injuries, Currant’s absence really affected the team, and how they went about playing.

“She is one of our starters so we usually have Hannah as our big but we had to go to a smaller group now,” said Raup.

Currant fell at practice fractured her wrist and she was out for two weeks and came back December 18 and she has struggled getting back.

“I was kind of out of shape and now I’m just trying to get back into the game,” said Currant.

Being out for two weeks has not only affected Currant physically, but also in understanding and properly carrying out plays.

“They put in quite a few more plays while I was out so I had to spend a lot of time studying for that,” said Currant.  “It’s just hard to learn it when you can’t run it and just seeing it on paper is harder than actually doing it.”

In terms of the rest of the season Currant has high hopes for the team, and believes they can excel.

“I think we have a ways to go but I’m pretty excited about it and I think we will do good things if we keep working hard,” said Currant.

Raup reflects on years previous and this year and agrees with Currant that the season is going well and is sure to improve.

“I think we are a lot better this year because we got two new freshman and they are really good, they know what they are doing, and we all gel very well together,” said Raup.