Aim. Throw. Score.


Beth Weirich

Senior Haley Clark helps student athlete navigate her way around the cafeteria. Haley has acted as a Stuco officer this school year.

StuCo helped make an unforgettable day for many local kids, young adults, and their families. Partnering with the basketball program Student Council was able to put on a Special Olympics basketball tournament.

In order to prepare for the event StuCo members reached out, created brackets for the tournament and acted as cheerleaders.

“We made signs for every team and cheered for them at every game,” senior StuCo member Delaney Ransom said.

This gave many students and athletes a chance to reach out the community as well as become for grateful for their abilities.   

“It was an amazing way to give back and an eye opening experience that showed me how blessed I am,” Ransom said.