Calm before the Guidance’s storm

This week most counselors are simply organizing and preparing for the following three weeks, in which they will be meeting with the different grade levels to discuss their schedules.

“It’s kind of a catch up week, I’d say,” said counselor Mrs. Michelle Breuer. “We’ll discuss what classes [students] picked, why, and whether or not they need to get into summer school. There’s nothing pressing this week.”

The counselors will also be meeting with representatives from the tech program, Louis and Clark, at 9 a.m. to discuss which students made it into the program, based on their overall character and a test they turned in during December. They will be talking about the scores, and why they got them. Some students sit on the fence because of a scratch on their record.

“We advocate for those on the border,” said Mrs. Breuer.

On Thursday, counselor Mr. Tim Holmes will be meeting with parents to explain FAFSA, a program that could get them financial aid for college – bound students.

“It’s like a workshop to get them going in the right direction,” said Mrs. Breuer.