The Bumpitless bump

Want to know a secret? Dirty hair is easier to style than clean hair. I, like most girls, wash my hair every other day, but sometimes I struggle to find ways to style my hair the second day because parts of it have started to look greasy. So here are some tips for wearing second day hair:

First, baby powder. A little bit of baby powder on hair absorbs the oils that are making the hair greasy. Take baby powder, sprinkle it on the tips of your fingers, and gently rub it in starting from the roots of your hair. Remember, don’t use too much. If you use too much, it will make your hair look gray or will leave little pieces that can look like dandruff. I’ve tried using other powders, like foundation and so on … but nothing works as well as baby powder.

Second, teasing. If you don’t know what teasing is, it’s taking a section of hair and giving it body by combing it backwards (starting from the tips and pushing to the roots). My teasing comb is probably my most used styling item; you can use your fingers to tease, but I suggest a comb like this one. Teasing is probably one of the most diverse ways to style hair; you can rock a bump — without the bump-it — a Snooki poof, vintage rolls, and so on. I like to wear my teased hair in a bump and then put the rest in a pony; a style like this is really simple and easy to style. There are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube on how to tease hair, how to style teased hair and so on.

Third, braids. Whether it’s a simple french braid, fish tail braid or some other braided hair concoction, braiding can be a very quick and easy style for second day hair … once you get good at braiding your own hair that is. I was extremely impatient when I was learning to braid my own bangs and I still epically fail at it sometimes, but with persistence, the braid can be mastered. Like teasing, I suggest watching YouTube tutorials to learn how to braid.

Remember this, if you’re trying to figure out what to do with second day hair, never resort to a nasty, messy bun. If you want to know why, check out my blog about messy buns.

Special thanks to Danielle for asking about second day hair styling! If you have any trends you hate or love, Facebook, tweet at me (@yomargi) or e-mail me ([email protected]); your opinion could be my next topic.