A trip to the snow Capitol

From Jan. 27 until Jan. 31 Mrs. Stacy Dennigman and Mrs. Vicki Pohlman, student council sponsors, took a total of seven student council members to Washington D.C. for a leadership conference.

“The leadership workshops we attended were really helpful and interesting,”  junior Will James said.

In addition to attending leadership conferences the group also partook in loads of sightseeing. They saw it all from the Lincoln Memorial at night to the White House up close.

“Some of my favorite things we saw was the World War II memorial and the Washington Monument,” Dennigman said.

While the main purpose of this trip was to excel in leadership skills there were also fun and games to be had.

“We had gotten to the top of a flight of stairs and were planning on riding the escalator back down, turns out the escalator was broken,” Dennigman said.

“When we went to go see the White House it was night time so it was kind difficult to see, we thought it looked awfully small. We soon discovered we were looking at the wrong building,” James said.