Spartan victory over Parkway West

Hockey team beats Parkway West on Monday, February 1.


Spartan Hockey took on Parkway west on Mon. night at the Recplex. Although it was a close game, the Spartans came out on top with a 6-4 victory. According to senior Brock Shearon, their opponents were equally matched to their skills. And, although some of the players felt that they didn’t play at their best, they still pulled off a win.

“The other team played hard but we came out and played harder. We put more pucks in the net and won,” said Shearon.

As for sophomore Michael Gregg, he feels like they could have done better but they played hard and won.  

“The team fell apart at the end, but we were lucky enough to pull off the win. It’s not about an individual player, it’s about the team,” Gregg said,”you can’t win on your own.”

The game started off with a quick goal by sophomore Collin Anderson and was finished with a last minute goal by sophomore Corey Moats. This win means the varsity hockey team will be advancing to quarter-finals. The first game will be against Duchesne on Saturday, Feb. 6 at 8:30 at the Recplex.

“I’m always nervous about the outcome, but I try to keep a strong mind and not let it overwhelm me,” said Gregg.

Moats feels no fear in the upcoming game just anticipation of another win.

“I expect to win every game. We have the talent and we have the skill, and as long as we give it our best effort, we should win.” Moats said.