The glitter effect

I am a fingernail polish hoarder; I have too many colors and paint my nails far too often. One of my favorite things to do is glitter — not the glitter where you paint a base coat, then put on one thin coat of glitter to add a little sparkle. I mean making glitter the only thing you see, kind of like this.

The first time I attempted making my nails solid glitter, I made the mistake of sitting there, putting on layer after layer of glitter, until finally I couldn’t see my actual nail anymore. This took about 45 minutes, much longer than any other design takes, but then a friend gave me an idea to take a metallic nail polish, that was the same color as the glitter, and use it as a base. I found a silver nail polish for my base and my nails looked just as glittery as before.

This can be done with any color of glitter, as long as you have a somewhat matching metallic polish — as long as it’s a similar shade of a color, it should work.

So, here’s what you need: metallic polish, glitter polish and a clear coat.

Start by putting on your metallic base; you may have to do two coats, depending on how transparent your polish is.

Follow with glitter. Of course, make sure your base is completely dry first. This step still took me two coats, but it was immensely less than my first run.

Once the glitter has dried, apply a coat of clear. This is a step that should always occur when painting your nails — even though I forget most of the time.

Voila! Glitter nails. You can also paint one nail — I always choose my ring finger — glittery and then paint the rest of your nails a bright solid color. This can add even more pizazz to your nails.

Thank you, Jessica, for suggesting glitter nails! If there is a trend you want to hear about, feel free to Facebook me, tweet at me (@yomargi) or email me ([email protected]). Send me your own pictures, videos or stories about certain trends or style tips, I’d love to include your ideas in my next post!