Taxing situation

The FHSD Board of Education is not going to place a tax levy on the April ballot.

On Jan 21 the FHSD Board of Education voted to not follow through with the tax levy that was proposed to be put on the April ballot. This issue was motioned by vice president of the board Mrs. Rene Cope and seconded by Mrs. Cynthia Bice. This resulted in a 4-3 decision to not move forward with the tax levy. Those who voted yea consisted of Mr. Chad Lange, Mrs. Cynthia Bice, Mrs. Rene Cope, and Mr. Mark Lafata. Those who voted nay consisted of Mrs. Sandra Ferguson, Mrs. Amy McEvoy, Mr. Mike Sommer.

“The community did not support it and the board was split.  We cannot afford for it not to pass again,” Cope said. “Based on information from the community, teachers, staff and administration, I changed my vote.”

This tax levy was very important for the budget of the 2016-17 school year. This will result in changes of technological advancement, class sizes, number of readily available supplies and teacher salaries.

“The largest list item is staff salary,” Mrs. Cope said. “We would have to have larger classes as well as less experienced teachers.”

It is unknown what cuts will come to the district and how much money will be taken from funds for separate departments. The amount cut will result in a large money loss for the district.

“We have already cut $8.5 million from this year’s budget, but if the tax levy in April fails we will have to cut another $4 million from next year’s budget,” Mrs. Cope said.

The community is unable to fully understand why FHSD is in need of the financial assistance.

“We have to take some time explaining to the community why it’s needed and get their support before we try again,” Cope said

This is an imperative source to get the financial aid for the district and will hopefully be obtained at a later date.

“Hopefully the issue will come to the ballot soon,” Cope said. “Due to declining property values through the recession and under-funding from the State of Missouri, FHSD needs a tax increase.”