Guidance prepares for 2012 – 2013 school year

The biggest area in which the counselors deal with, as it has been, is helping students register for next year.

“[Registration] is the main focus, unless something else comes up,” said counselor, Mr. Kris Miller. “Hour by hour [we’re] meeting with groups of kids.”

Counselors are also already preparing themselves for the end of the year. This includes outlining days for senior graduation and awards, the junior college fair, and AP testing. Guidance groups, such as the Sage group, according to Mr. Miller, are also dying down for the year.

Mr. Miller also helps students with the A+ program. Students recently signed up for second semester tutoring hours, and he is making sure they’re all on track.

For seniors, Mr. Miller is rounding up names that were able to make it, and those that only accomplished to break it.

Those who are not eligible get a letter sent home. They could have missed a mark somewhere along the lines of attendance, not enough hours put in, disciplinary issues or grades that did not measure up. If it was a problem with the student grades, the letter gets sent home after graduation.

Students who are eligible have their name sent to the state, and get an A+ certified notice on their transcripts. They will then have to verify that they are A+ material and enroll in the school.

“It’s not cumbersome for [the student] at all,” said Mr. Miller. “It’s really kind of easy.”