Talking the talk (and walking the walk)

Just a disclaimer: I’ll come right out and say it, loud and proud, I’m a die hard Rihanna fan. Die hard. Just so you know.

I really don’t care for much drama when it comes to the popular music scene. I can hardly stomach a lot of mainstream artists these days, but Rihanna is the prime exception. Her music lets me cut loose for a bit, calms me down beyond comprehension, and just plain makes me want to get down. After releasing her latest full-length LP “Talk That Talk,” Rihanna is continuing to solidify her seemingly endless 15 minutes of fame, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Getting to the juicy details, Rihanna tweeted a week or so ago that she would soon be releasing a lengthened single version of the one minute eighteen second “Birthday Cake”, which appears on her latest album, that would shock the world. Well, it surely did. Though three years in the past, Chris Brown’s assault of Rihanna on the eve of the Grammy’s is still fresh on the mind’s of a fair number of people.

The song begins, “come and put your name it,” starting the madness that ensues. Over the next three and a half minutes, the sexual tension between the two is so great it almost becomes unbearable at times. But the fact of the matter is, Rihanna is on top. She’s controlling the game and the one who ultimately entices Brown throughout the song.

Whatever the result becomes in the real world, I’m in full support. From the way the song sounds, Rihanna is either playing a big game with Brown, basically rubbing it in his face on the subject of the hot piece that she now is (and always has been). Or she’s fully prepared to give their relationship another go around.

Frankly, I don’t care. But if one scenario leads to more jaw-dropping singles, then that’s my choice.

Direct your comments, questions, and concerns about RiRi to [email protected] If you want to listen to some of her greatest songs that never made single status, I recommend picking up her fifth full length album, “Loud.” The song “Skin” is an absolute masterpiece along with all the other gems that album presents.