Today is a very important day in history. It is a day that ultimately changes everything. Well, not everything, hardly anything for some, but for the some-odd 18 million followers, countless die hard fans — prepubescent girls and soccer moms alike — today will go down in the back burners of history books everywhere.

March 1 is Justin Bieber’s birthday, and this year marks his landmark 18th birthday. The sad thing is the poor devil had to wait an extra 24 hours to celebrate because of yesterday’s pseudo-holiday ‘Leap Day.’

Really truly though, an individual’s 18th birthday usually points to a “coming of age,” a refinement of maturity and I sincerely hope that in due time, a similar affect will overcome Justin. Not for himself necessarily but for the ignorance of the world around him.

If you ask me, it’s about time the world let Justin grow up and become the artist that he deserves to be. Even friends of mine that hate him can’t deny that he has the pure, raw talent needed to finally become a respected musician.

Take for instance the career of Jesse McCartney, once thought to be forever restrained by his youth, until 2010 when he released his single “Shake” — an acquaintance for fans to a newer, fresher, more mature style of music that finally graduated McCartney from a child star to a reputable artist.

If all goes well, we should start to see this transformation take place with Bieber on his upcoming album “Believe.” I sincerely hope everything comes to fruition with this album, he deserves it and it will definitely be a nice change of pace not to have an unwarranted disgust with the boy constantly swirling around in the air.

For the time being though, let the man be talented, let him be famous, let him be a heartthrob; after all, it’s his birthday. Questions comments and concerns can be sent to [email protected]