The prom prediction

Even though prom is technically months away, my news feed is already full of, “THIS IS MY DRESS. DON’T TAKE, OKAY?!” “can’t wait for senior prommmm <3” and “prom 2012, let’s make it one to remember!”

Girls are posting pictures of their dresses, hoping that another girl won’t buy the same one having seen that it is already “theirs.” Sure, I could say this is ridiculous … but I’ve already picked out my dress too.

I’m seeing a trend, though, with this years dress selection. For a few years, form-fitting dresses had taken a lead in the favored style at high school dances. Girls were showing off their curves at every possible moment. Recently, a more Cinderella style has been stepping into the spotlight.

You’ve probably seen it, even considered buying a dress this style; it’s something like this. This style occurs in all colors, patterns and levels of poofiness. I’ve seen it both at prom and homecoming. I really actually love this style of dress; I think it’s a fun alternative to the typical “sexy” look some girls go for at prom. But I also think that this style isn’t exactly for everyone.

This dress typically has it’s waist very high up, right under the boob. That is not the smallest part of every girls torso, so the dress can make girls seem … bigger than they are. I suffer from this syndrome. I have to wear dresses that hit at my natural waist (right above my belly-button), not at “high-waist.”

If you’re lucky enough to rock a dress like this, do — it’s a beautiful style. Beware though, it is more than likely that someone will have a very similar, if not the same, dress as you.