Catching up with Mrs. Breuer

Three weeks ago, guidance counselor Mrs. Michelle Breuer was out because she had the flu. She was not able to call in students to discuss schedules for next year, so for the past couple of weeks she has been calling in individual students to do so.

“Mr. Wolfe helped me with some of the kids,” said Mrs. Breuer. “[We are] taking care of crises, then seeing kids later.”

Other counselors are also finishing up helping kids with registration next year.

After all is said and done, counselors take a look at the conflict matrix. This is like a “master schedule,” according to counselor Trevor Wolfe, and helps to organize schedules more thoroughly. It makes sure that students with classes, such as band or french IV, are able to get into those classes without a problem or conflict from other classes. These classes are only offered at certain times during the day.

The conflict matrix also aids students in the work program or tech school to make sure they have the correct schedule and no clashing hours.

“It doesn’t work for everybody, but we try to get the majority,” said Mrs. Breuer.