Give a hound a bone

Being a hip cat and all, I love to be ahead of the mainstream curve whenever possible. Additionally, like most of the world, television and movies have become an integral part of my everyday routine and sustenance.

Sometimes, however, it is hard for me to find a piece of readily available entertainment, and when I find a real gem, I almost always would like to share the storyline and experience with those around me.

MediaHound has proven to be the missing piece when it comes to not only enjoying my favorite shows and films but also compiling them into “playlists” that I can share with friends and other users of the new web application (launched March 1) that encourages the sharing of a seemingly infinite wealth of entertainment and enjoyment.

I was hooked when I looked up my favorite T.V. show, and it actually returned multiple results. (The lesser-known series, “Firefly” with my favorite underground entertainment star Nathan Fillion.)

The neat thing about the web application is it’s newly coined “neutral source sharing” perk. Regardless of whether you use Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, or any other provider for your online viewing, the playlist feature compiles every provider for a movie or show so that everyone can watch a program across the board.

I hope the site catches on in the upcoming months. It certainly deserves at least a little recognition in today’s fast moving society for gathering up the greatest and most consistent collection of entertainment that I’ve ever witnessed.

After going to you can direct questions, comments, concerns (or even praise) about the site to [email protected] or to their communications representative [email protected].