The Ultimate rivals

Spartan Ultimate Frisbee takes on DeSmet tonight, for a very important game


The team huddles before an important game

On April 18 the ultimate frisbee team played Vianney High school, and won 15 to 3, continuing the winning streak.

Senior Josh Shepard believes that there are numerous reasons why the team is doing so well, above all though, it is their relationship together.

“Everyone on the team is best friends with each other, we are really big on communication because out there [on the field] we are always talking to each other ‘Where should we throw?’ ‘What to do next?’,” Shepard said. “Even on the sidelines, we are always cheering each other on too so that basically how, I mean we have really good players too like we are fast and stuff and we have really good disc skills.”

Tonight Spartan ultimate players will play DeSmet’s varsity team, at Desmet. The game, though it won’t affect their path to state because  Desmet is a tier 1 team and FHC is tier 2, is still a very important game for the team, as they will probably be their biggest competition. Ultimate Coach, Mr. Becker, explains this tension and excitement.

“The team and I are in a good place to face the defending state champions, I think,” Becker said.  “The pressure’s all on DeSmet’s side, really.”

Even though the pressure is on for the game against Desmet, the coach feels it is best for the team to continue what they have been doing.

“Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea for any team in any sport to try and switch things up too drastically when they face an especially tough challenge. If our practice and experience haven’t prepared us to win our individual match-ups, no amount of razzle-dazzle can cover for that.  Instead, we’re going to try and stick with the kind of ultimate we’ve been playing all season,” Becker said.

Furthermore, Becker explains the intensity of the upcoming game.

“DeSmet is the defending state champion . . . at least 10 years running.  I probably don’t need to say much more.  We both have undefeated records, too, making the matchup even more dramatic.  Whatever happens on Tuesday, though, we may see each other again at the state championship tournament, so it isn’t the be-all, end-all by any means,” Becker said.