Riding into finals

Third quarter is one of the more difficult quarter to work with due to the fact there are no holidays and no break within it to give students and staff a breather from school work. But despite the challenges of no days of, students and staff had a real good productive quarter.

“The school has done well this quarter handling themselves,” Principal Dr. Sonny Arnel said. “They handled the blackout situation well and other obstacles that came in their way.”

With third quarter done and in the books, school administration is now looking at what is ahead for them. Starting on April 16th to 26th EOC’s will take place during two weeks of school. Once EOC are said and done the administration will be moving in AP testing for two weeks in May. On top of that, administration is making final plans for prom, graduation practice and assemblies.

“We are riding into finals,” Dr. Arnel said. “Fourth quarter is one of the most impactful.”