Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning has finally occurred in my closet! I’ve begun clearing out the clothing that I don’t wear anymore to make more room for newly thrifted clothes.

This year magazines, such as Harpers Baazar and Elle, are showing that fashion this summer will be bright, bold and patterned. This is a problem for me, being that most all of my clothing is black, but I’ve come up with my own solution to this trend issue.

Magazines and websites show photos of girls wearing full neons or pastel colors, very similar to the fashion of Zooey Deschanel. It would cost a ton of money to recreate my entire wardrobe to completely match the trends of this season — but adding items that fit the trend will work just as well. It seems that it doesn’t really matter how you add color, as long as you do add color.

I’m choosing to add pops of craziness to my wardrobe. There are so many options of how to add diversity into your wardrobe!

You can start with a shirt. Places like Target have shirts that are offered in almost every color — I’m not saying to go buy the same shirt in fifty colors, but instead of buying black buy a baby blue. My current favorite Target shirt is this slouchy, scoop neck. Shirts like this one, along with v-necks and other tees can be added into any already made wardrobe. Pair the shirt with a simple pair of shorts and you will already look brighter!

Then add in a pair of shoes. Whether they be colored keds, wedges or sandals, shoes can be the perfect pop of color. I have a pair of bright pink sandals that I like to break out when I wear my little black dress during the summer. They are very simple, but add a nice, fun feeling to what could be a very bland outfit. TOMS shoes can accomplish this as well! When wearing a boringly colored v-neck and jeans, TOMS (or any other pair of patterned flats) can make the outfit a little less dull — while staying very comfortable and easy.

Jewelry is probably the easiest, and cheapest, way to add color. Feather earrings, colored bangles, bright headbands; they all bring a fun sense of color to a wardrobe. The clearance aisle at Target is one of my favorite places to get jewelry. Items can get up to 75 percent off and last fairly long for not being high-quality jewelry.

If you have any trends you hate or love, Facebook, tweet at me (@yomargi) or e-mail me ([email protected]); your opinion could be my next topic!