Students broaden horizons in Europe

Over spring break, students in foreign language classes had an opportunity to travel to Spain or France with their teachers. This offered the students a chance to experience another culture and to broaden their horizons, according to senior french student Caitlin Geringer.

“This trip makes you more open to other cultures,” Geringer said. “It gave me a chance to get out of St. Charles and see another part of the world.”

Along with differences in culture, students could experience the life in another country first hand according to senior spanish student Kristin Gregory.

“I didn’t know that in Spain you were supposed to pay the street performers,” Gregory said. “I saw Elmo and Cookie Monster in Plaza Mayor and asked for a picture, so they followed me around until I paid them.”

During the trips, students were given a chance to see sights in other parts of the world as well.

“I loved the French Riviera, and it was nothing like any beach I have seen here,” senior french student Amber Rumolo said. “The water was really blue, and there were cliffs off to the side overlooking the water. It was beautiful.”

These trips are beneficial and according to senior french student Sydney Miller, students who go on these trips would recommend them to other people.

“I would definitely recommend this trip to other students,” Miller said. “I’ve always wanted to see the world and this gave me the chance to see another country with one of my best friends.”