Guidance vs. Seniors

Guidance is currently reviewing and fixing any schedules for next year that somehow got messed up in one way or another. This process of filling in the holes will go on for awhile, and nothing will be finalized until the summer.

“Nobody can get excited about what classes they do or do not have,” said counselor Mr. Kris Miller.

Counselors are juggling things such as rounding up their groups for the year, and preparing for the college fair. Along with that, AP testing, Senior Awards Night, and students who cannot quite graduate are also on the agenda to deal with.

As the assistant coordinator, Mr. Miller helps with the AP testing planning by calling down students who have signed up. They arrange rooms where the testing is to take place and make sure that the rooms have all the facilities and technology that is required.

Students that did not quite meet graduation requirements are meeting with the counselors and getting letters sent home to parents.

“[There are] students who are supposed to graduate, but maybe aren’t cutting it,” said Mr. Miller.

And last but not least, Senior Awards night is coming up. The event is invite only. There are awards given from general topics all the way to surprise scholarships.

“Sometimes they know ahead of time, sometimes they don’t,” said Mr. Miller.