Ultimately, we had a good season

Ultimate frisbee team makes it to state, but falls short of bringing home a win.


Tj Buchanan waits for a teammate to pass him the frisbee during state tournament.

On Sat May 7 the ultimate frisbee team participated in the state tournament, playing four games: the first against Kirkwood, spartans losing 11-6, next against Marquette losing 11-4, then to CBC losing 11-4 again, and finally played against Priory barely losing 10-8.

Coach Becker describes the boys energy as the day went on a something that was in some ways a little flat, and explains the fatigue.

“FHC came out a bit flat in the first round and didn’t really catch fire until the final round, where we pushed Priory to a very close finish,” Becker said.  “All teams play 4 games to 11 on Sat, so it’s a grind for all the players, trying to maintain intensity and fight of fatigue.”

Senior TJ Buchanan explains how state works, and how it is far more different than just an average game.

“It is basically one big bracket, there are ten teams and it is split up into five and five, so each team would play the other four teams and then have a by round where they don’t play,” Buchanan said. “Then based on those records the top eight from all of them move on to Sunday.”

According to Buchanan there is a different atmosphere that comes with state, as everything is different in the energy, and stakes.

“There’s definitely much more at stake at state, and one challenge that we all definitely had to overcome was the separate atmosphere that state has,” Buchanan said. “I’ve been from anywhere from a recreational summer league, to a regular high school games, to tournament style games, and all of them there is a different atmosphere and mindset that you need to have.”

Wit all of the change, and high stakes the team did not play their best, but for coach Becker, the experience in itself was enough for the team to be affected positively.

“I’m pleased that we earned a bid to the tournament this year, last year  we missed out.  Although we struggled to find a groove throughout the day, I was proud of the team’s ability to play through that adversity without turning on each other,”Becker said.  “They kept up consistent effort all day long.  When we finally broke out of our slump during the Priory game, it was too little too late; however, it was good to end the day on a more positive note.”

Buchanan explains that the slump could have been a result from many things; such as, their opponents, and prom that evening.

“State definitely [had] a whole new type of teams that we were going to be facing, we were facing division two teams, instead of division one teams,” Buchanan said. “For a lot of people prom was something that was going on later, and that was [also] probably on some people’s minds as the day went on.”

Games and outcomes aside, the team is overall pleased with their experience, went to have a great time, and proud that they accomplished their goal, according to Buchanan.

“We were mostly there to have fun, because we started out as a team of mostly fresh faces and going to state was the original overall goal we weren’t going out into the season thinking we were battling for first in state, we just wanted to get there,” Buchanan said.  “Once we are there of course we are there to compete and win as many as we can, but we were all super excited to have the opportunity.”

In terms of looking forward into next year’s season, the team will face some challenges regrouping, as many seniors are leaving, but of course state is always something in mind, according to coach Becker.

“We are graduating many seniors this year, so before we begin setting goals for next year, we’ll have to see what sorts of recruits come out next year, and which players will step up from the JV team to fill those spots,” Becker said.  “I hope to be able to reach the state tourney once more, though.  It’s a tremendous experience for everyone involved.”