International night gets a great approval

The event that many students and teachers come to each year, International Night, occurred on Tuesday, April 3, and was organized by the world language department. Spanish teacher, and head of the event, Dr. Jennifer Miller, is very happy with how International night turned out.

“It was really great. The food was better than ever, there were more countries than there usually are since French IV participated and we had better activities,” Dr. Miller said.

However, the turnout was not what the language department was expecting due to several conflicts.

“There were less [people] than in previous years since we had it so late because of spring break,” Dr. Miller said. “And we were competing with theatre rehearsal, dance tryouts, a baseball game and a track meet.”

To raise attendance, the teachers from lower-level language classes gave out passports, which the students running the booths would stamp. The students would turn these in the next day for extra credit.

“We gave out about 250 passports,” Dr. Miller said. “There was a lot of students with them there. Students brought their parents and their little siblings. There were a lot of parents and little kids.”

Junior and International club president James Pugh was also at the event and for the first time he was running a booth: the salsa bar. He had gone previous years to see it, but he thinks that running it is better than simply observing.

“It was really interesting to see it behind the table,” Pugh said. “And it was a lot more fun running it.”

There were also activities organized by international club. The club offered a salsa bar, which was located at the center of the cafeteria, James

As for comparison, Pugh is more than content with this year’s turnout and country count.

“There was lots of interesting stuff, and there was a lot of countries there. They lined the walls of the cafeteria. There was probably more than 25 countries represented,” Pugh said. “And I saw a lot of underclassmen there. Usually it’s more upperclassmen who’ve already heard of it, but I saw a lot of freshmen and sophomores.”