No mercy

Allow me to set the scene. I was laying down on the couch, listening to Weezy, chowing down on a pre-Easter chocolate bunny when I got the message. One of my good friends, who is eerily on top of all things music, shot me a Facebook message letting me know that Yeezy (better known by Kanye West) had released two new singles on his website

The two tracks, “Theraflu” —- now known as “Way Too Cold” due to Theraflu’s threat to press legal charges —- and “Mercy” certainly showcase one of the most versatile rappers of the past 15 years from two very different angles.

A bit of background. Leading up to his most recent release of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” Kanye released actual tracks and supplemental tracks that didn’t quite make the cut for his upcoming album through his website in an effort he called “G.O.O.D. Fridays”. These free tracks were the perfect weekly dosage of pure genius to whet the taste buds of anxious fans everywhere.

Both of these new tracks dropped on Kanye’s site on the actual Good Friday 2012, just a few short weeks ago. “Way Too Cold” comes out swinging; even though he’s clearly past the shame of the 2009 VMA incident, he’s still got a lot on his mind and I can only thank him for it. This is a song that I can just rock to. Leanin’ and rockin’ to the beat is a pure joy that still pumps me up weeks later as I listen to it.

“Mercy” is relentless. Much like the previous song, it bursts out of the gates with a purpose and direction, but this one is one of more focus and form. Big Sean has the opening verse and he kills it —- much like Kanye and Pusha T later in the song as it takes on two or three dramatic musical transformations. “Mercy” is infectious because of its sheer originality and, more specifically, lyrical strength and delivery from four very accomplished artists.

I think Rolling Stone adequately summarized the release when in a review they stated, “Dr. Yeezy has a perfect prescription for that springtime cold…” So check it out and definitely be on the lookout for the full length G.O.O.D. Music release in early June or even late May. If you’ve got any questions, comments or concerns be sure to send them my way at [email protected]