The dress defining do

If you are a girl that is going to prom, I’m sure you already started your countdown to Saturday months ago. Hair appointments have — well, hopefully have — been made, the nail salon has been scouted out, and you are just ready to finally get to wear the dress you searched so hard to find.

Even with almost all of the stones in place, one thing still may be missing. How in the world should you actually style your hair? Of course, you could go with the perfectly pinned up-do or beachy-waves … but what style will actually look good with your dress?

The strapless dress: This dress is probably the easiest one to find a hairstyle that will match. If you look to the red carpet, you will see that many celebrities, such as Megan Fox, rock a very long, wavy, Veronica Lake hairstyle. Those with short hair can create a style with more beach-wave-curls or even a Taylor Swift-esque updo.

The princess dress: As tempting as it may be, don’t wear a tiara to prom. There are so many other ways to style your hair, with bling included, that can create that royal feel. Instead of a tiara, focus on other possible accessories. Use silver or gold, depending on the color of your dress, headbands or hair pieces to add some bling. You could try a double-strapped headband like this, or this leafy life headband worn by Diane Kruger. With the princess dress, I really like to see hair pulled at least half up. Full down hair, with a full gown, can be very heavy looking. Keep hair simple and let your dress do the talking.

The one shoulder dress: Looking at the red carpet, most every celebrity who really rocks a one shoulder dress, also wears an updo. Stars, such as Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, have been seen wearing all different shapes of one shouldered dresses, all with their hair up. Whether the dress is a mermaid fit, greek-inspired or just a-line, a girl can never go wrong with an updo.

The collared dress: Collared dresses have been becoming more prominent in prom fashion in the past few years. Because the fabric on this dress is so much closer to the neck than most other dresses, it is important to keep hair up (or half-up) — wearing hair down can take away from the dress and from your actual body shape. Look to celebrities such as Taylor Swift or Julianne Hough for beautiful updos.

When in doubt, go with how you are most comfortable. Prom day isn’t usually the day to try something entirely new with your hair. If most comfortable for you is in a messy bun at the top of your head, we have bigger problems to address than how you’re going to style your hair on prom day.